RMS Titanic's Lifeboat 19016 Model Ship Kit 1:35

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The Artesania Latina Titanic's Lifeboat wooden boat model measures 285mm long, 55mm high and 95mm wide when complete. This wooden boat kit is highly realistic with many fine details.

The famous sinking of the RMS Titanic, a British ship owned by the White Star Line in April 1912, on her maiden voyage to New York was made memorably worse on account of the shortage of lifeboats. Supposedly "unsinkable", the RMS Titanic sailed to its fate with just 20, enough for only half the passengers. When launched from the sinking ship into the freezing seas, the lifeboats were not full, worsening the tragedy still further.


This wooden boat kit is highly realistic, featuring double plank on bulkhead construction, and comes complete with laser-cut wooden parts, all fittings, photo-illustrated instruction sheet and plans.


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