Dangerzone Mug

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Until the invention of two-way radio, flags were the primary means of communication between ships. The International Code of Flag Signals, at its peak in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, listed literally thousands of phrases, for everything from berthing procedures to medical emergencies. The signals were made up of two, three and four flag hoists, and made comprehensive communication possible even between ships of different nationalities. Today, code flags are mainly used for ceremonial occasions and simple one flag messages such as A (I have a diver down) and Q (requesting customs clearance on arrival in foreign waters). We felt that it would be a shame to lose sight of such a (literally!) colourful language, so have resurrected some of the more interesting words for our range of mugs. Cream coloured on the inside and navy out, with the chosen design printed twice on the outside.

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