Schatz Midi Ocean Tide Clock

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The Schatz Midi Ocean tide clock is specifically aimed at smaller vessels, where our other ranges would look oversized in relation to other cabin furnishings, but where top quality is still required. 

Cases are a combination of machined solid brass castings, pressings and spinnings, heavily stove-lacquered for a lasting finish. The white faces, with black hands and Roman numerals, are viewed through a substantial glass opening port with a brass cleat fixing. This allows access to the movements for winding, battery changeover or adjustment without removal from the bulkhead. Swiss made. 

These provide an “at-a-glance” indication of tidal state by means of the blue hand, showing high, low and half-tide. They work by following the lunar cycle – approx 12.5hrs – thus reflecting the main influence on the tides. Quartz movement using one AA battery (option to purchase batteries will appear in your shopping basket). 

Measurements are: case diameter 6", clock face diameter 4", depth 3".

Schatz, founded in 1881, are the world's leading manufacturer of classic ship's clocks, barometers and associated instruments. They are particularly renowned for their eight-day mechanical chiming movements, and have supplied both commercial and naval fleets for many years.

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