Weather Station

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This neat and compact electronic unit receives and displays professionally-made forecasts for 90 different European locations, broadcast from radio transmitters in Germany and Switzerland. The two or four day* predictions (shown in four separate, continuously displayed, columns) include minimum and maximum temperatures, rain probability, wind direction and a pictographic representation of general conditions (eg mixed cloud and sun) for day and night. Above the forecasts, time (also radio-controlled, with an alarm function), date and indoor temperature are displayed. It measures 140x135x28mm (5½x5¼x1"), can be wall-mounted or freestanding, and uses 3AA batteries (see ref: 93195 below) * Four day forecasts are given for 60 regions closest to central Europe (eg England, France, Germany), and two day for the remaining 30 more distant areas (eg Portugal, Hungary, Scotland).

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