HMS Illustrious

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Illustrious is an impressive 209m long, with a beam of 36m and a displacement of 22,000 tonnes. She has 1400 compartments and 15 lifts, and is powered by four Gas Turbine Olympus engines (a marinised version of Concorde's), giving her a top speed in excess of 30 knots. When fully operational she has a full complement of over 1000 people, and can operate with a range of both rotary and fixed wing aircraft from the Harrier GR9 to troop- carrying Chinooks. This collection comes with extra unique information supplied exclusively by the Royal Navy. (This Gift set includes paints, brushes and glue). This model is supplied with the following 1:350 scale aircraft: * 2 x Sea King * 2 x Merlin * 2 x Harrier GR7/9 * 2 x Sea Harrier FA2

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