Germany At War - Air Sea Warfare DVD

The vast oceans throughout the world played host to a majority of the fiercest and strategically vital operations of the entire Second World War. As well as varying types of vessels upon the water, ranging from the support boats to the fourty-thousand ton aircraft carriers, there were also the deadly U-Boats lurking beneath the waves playing a pivotal part in the sea warfare.

In this DVD, original archive material helps to explore the missions carried out in many of the world’s most recognisable oceans, ranging from the Norwegian and the North Sea to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Upon these vast expanses of water, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers and U-Boats all battled it out in the ultimate fight for survival in an attempt to provide the turning point for the war effort.

The DVD gives extended reference to the Kriegsmarine who used auxiliary cruisers to disrupt the convoys on their transport missions. The crews of these cruisers were often at Sea for months on end without ever setting foot on dry land. These men were made to carry out their tasks in a variety of refurbished merchant vessels and these two films give an insight into the missions they carried out.


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