Germany At War - Sea of Death DVD

The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans played a pivotal role during the Second World War. Acting as the main supply highway for the British and Americans, these vast oceans allowed the resupply of troops to the front line, the constant supply of heavy weaponry and transported millions of tons of goods over the Atlantic and Norwegian Sea throughout the campaign. For the Germans to stand any chance of survival against such a tireless form of resupply, they would have to successfully disrupt as many ships as possible. This military DVD documents the deadly actions fought at sea, starting with the German U-Boats. Although enjoying relative success in the early years, the submarines were slowly being taken apart by a more wary and precautious enemy. By May of 1943, after a series of appalling losses, all U-Boat operations were ceased.

The DVD then explores the heavy air and sea warfare in the Pacific between the Americans and the Japanese fleet of the Tennó (Heavenly Emperor), before documenting the famous and decisive Battle of the Midway in 1942 where the Americans decimated the forces of Japan. With most of the Japanese aircraft carriers sunk, the allies were given a massive military advantage.

With the fronts of Germany and its Allies starting to collapse in 1944, the allies came ever closer to victory. With final victory in their grasp, the Americans approached Okinawa to deal the final, decisive blow. Superbly illustrated using original archive films, this military DVD delves into the fearsome battles at sea during WWII and should appeal to all military history enthusiasts.


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