Sea Warfare in the North Atlantic

The North Atlantic was the main battleground for the German submarines during the Second World War. From early 1942, the Anglo-American convoys ran through the northern route between Iceland and the ice-free ports of Murmansk and Archangel in Russia. The destruction of these massive supplies was one of the main tasks of the German U-Boats.

Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Corvettes and many smaller escort vessels were involved in the Atlantic battles and
the North Sea and played an integral part in the outcome. Land-based sea planes, reconnaissance and support aircraft were also significantly involved in the fighting. In the spring of 1943 the battles reached a climax, with the U-Boats and convoy escorts faced each other in a bitter struggle whose outcome would decide the fate of the war.

Made up entirely from original wartime footage, much of which is unseen outside of Germany, this DVD tracks some of the many titanic battles at sea between the might of the British and American navies and the unrelenting killing ability of the German U-Boat.


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